At Yale University (as Instructor)

PLSC 230: Group Processes and Intergroup Relations in American Politics

Spring 2018, Spring 2019

How social groups and intergroup relations shape political attitudes, political behavior, and political and policy development in the United States. Topics include deliberation, collective action, candidate evaluation, representation, civil rights, discrimination, and violence. Focus on theoretical debates and quantitative social science research. Students conduct original empirical research.

PLSC 490: The Senior Colloquium

Fall 2018

Presentation and discussion of students' research proposals, with particular attention to choice of topic and research design. Each student frames the structure of the essay, chooses research methods, begins the research, and presents and discusses a draft of the introductory section of the essay. Enrollment limited to Political Science majors writing a yearlong senior essay.

At Columbia University (as Teaching Fellow)

Data Analysis and Statistics (undergraduate), Prof. John Huber, 2015
Experimental Methods (Ph.D. level), Prof. Don Green, 2013
Labor and American Politics (undergraduate), Prof. Dorian Warren, 2013
Introduction to American Politics (undergraduate), Prof. Justin Phillips, 2012

Selected Workshops

“Regression Discontinuity” – Columbia Political Science Methods Workshop, 2013
“Sensitivity Analysis” – Columbia Political Science Methods Workshop, 2013
“Introduction to R” – Workshop series for Experimental Methods (POLS W4368), Columbia, 2013